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WooCommerce Simple Buy Now helps your customer to buy your product only one step in the Product Detail page.
You only need to create one Buy Now button with fully customize from plugin settings at any positions in Add to cart form or replace Add to cart button. Click! A pop-up will be displayed with the content of the Checkout page. Also, you can select to Redirect to checkout page (skip the Cart page).

100% fully compatible with the new version 3.5.4 WooCommerce


Demo with a simple design: See this

Buy now with a Pop-up in the Product Detail page: See this

Buy now by redirecting to the Checkout page: See this


The minimal options in this plugin ensure that everything works out of the box. We’ve also ensured that the WooCommerce Simple Buy Now plugin works with the following out of the box:


  • Fully product types supported: Simple product, Variable product, Group product
  • Customize button with full settings: color picker, dimensions, additional CSS,…
  • Shortcode supported
  • Fully translations support
  • Customize Pop-up is coming soon!
  • Restriction of special products is coming soon!


2019-02-22 – Version 1.0.0

- Added: Initial release
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