Close your mouth

Buying a house? Close your mouth. 🙊
Buying a new car? Close your mouth. 🙊
Getting married? Close your mouth. 🙊
Going on a holiday? Close your mouth. 🙊
Going to do a course? Close your mouth. 🙊
Got promoted? Close your mouth. 🙊

99% of the time the reason that our dreams/visions don’t come true when they are supposed to, is because we open our mouth too soon to the wrong people at the wrong time.

We were wrong to share our projects/successes with people who claim to be “friends”. The envy and the low key jealousy is enough for people to feed off of and tear down what COULD HAVE BEEN, before it even happens, so… Close your mouth!!! 🙊

The majority of your “friends”, want to see you do well but Never better than them!!

And just a reminder! Even family members have a hidden envy!!!

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